Crane Repair in Concord, NC

Do you have a truck mounted crane in need of repair or maintenance? Here at Steadfleet, we can assist with all repairs, quarterly crane maintenance, and annual crane inspections. We also perform extensive welding / fabrication services for larger crane projects. Call us to learn more.

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HeadingCrane Repair Service in Charlotte, NC at Steadfleet

Truck mounted cranes are the workhorses of a material handling fleet and minimizing downtime is a priority for all fleet managers. Steadfleet provides a wide array of crane repair services to ensure crane downtime is kept to a minimum. Whether the problem is a hydraulic hose repair, electrical issue, or hydraulic cylinder issue, you can rest assured knowing Steadfleet has the experience necessary to get you back up and running in no time. We also offer mobile crane repair services and welcome your business within a 500-mile radius of our shop.

Common Truck Mounted Crane Repairs

Electrical diagnostics and repair

Do you have material handling equipment that’s in need of electrical repair? Here at Steadfleet, we offer electrical repair and diagnostic services for moffetts, forklifts, and cranes of all kinds. Regardless of the issue, our technicians have years of electrical experience allowing them to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We specialize in material handling and other heavy equipment repair - and, as such, know their electrical systems better than anyone else in the industry. Call today to learn more.

Common electrical problems

Blown Fuses

Fuses are designed to protect your heavy equipment from excess current. They’re sacrificial parts that blow and cause the circuit they’re protecting to open. At first, many assume the fuse itself is the issue, but the fuse is more of a symptom than a problem. Something is causing that fuse to blow, and until you figure out what that issue is, the fuse won’t remain intact. Here at Steadfleet, not only will we diagnose the actual problem, but we’ll fix it too.

Battery Issues

Over time batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. Even if your battery isn’t completely dead, you may notice components start to malfunction and may even have trouble with your ignition system. If you’re confident your battery is in good condition but the malfunctions still occur, you may need to get your alternator inspected. Your alternator is responsible for charging your battery, meaning if it fails, your battery won’t receive enough power.

Hydraulic cylinder repair

Do you have a hydraulic cylinder in need of repair? If so, you're in luck. We can assist with anything from a holding valve repair all the way to a full cylinder reseal / rebuild. Why not give us a call to hear more?

Hydraulic hose repair

Steadfleet stocks a full line of PARKER hydraulic hoses and associated fittings for hydraulic hose repair on all types of material handling equipment. We also offer mobile hydraulic hose repair services. Call today to find out more.

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